Mr. Hoot's Fables Box - Ruby Rhino Longs to Belong

Mr. Hoot's Fables Box - Ruby Rhino Longs to Belong

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Ruby Rhino Longs to Belong

A fantastical tale about learning how to share with siblings and friends, complete with a positive affirmation and fun flashcards to delight little ones!

Ruby Rhino longs to belong. She’s tired of playing by herself all the time. This lonely rhino tries everything to make friends. As hard as she tries, Ruby has no luck finding kindred chums. At least the characters in books keep her company. If only they were the same as the real thing. How can this bookworm see that being herself is key? Will Ruby lose hope or finally find her posse?

With playful prose accompanied by vivid illustrations, this fable takes young readers on the merry-go-round of making kindred connections and celebrates how true friends can be found in unlikely faces and places.