{The AND} Healing Edition

{The AND} Healing Edition

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Every relationship has seasons of strain, and we all respond to them in different ways. Whether you’ve been avoiding the conversation entirely or don’t quite know where to begin, the Healing Deck is a gentle way to ease into loving conversations with a partner, friend or family member. Whether strong or struggling in your relationship, these questions help foster a deeper understanding of what hurts and what heals you both.

You Are:

Looking to better understand your personality and what they need from you.
Interested in releasing old hurts or bringing new ones to light. Excited to feel a weight lifted from your relationship, as you work together to come back to a place of love, support and closeness.

How to use:

The asking is easy. Our only rule? Be yourself when answering. Not quite ready for a specific question? “Pass” is an answer, too.