{The And} Self Edition
{The And} Self Edition

{The And} Self Edition

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Self-love begins with self-awareness. Who are you, really? What are your needs vs your wants? Are there parts of you or your life that you wish to see more clearly? The Self Deck is a chance to explore your identity and pave the way for self-growth, with intentional questions that get to the core of who you are.


Looking to inspire new ideas, creative thought and special bonding moments.
Interested in engaging questions for kids.
Excited to watch them discover themselves and connect to the world around them in a new way.

This deck is:

199 questions for the introspective.

Raw, Revealing, Transformative.

Perfect for time alone, self growth and meditative moments.

How to use:
The asking is easy. Our only rule? Be yourself when answering. Not quite ready for a specific question? “Pass” is an answer, too.


{The And} Self Edition
{The And} Self Edition