Biodegradable Oak Leaf Plates
Biodegradable Oak Leaf Plates

Biodegradable Oak Leaf Plates

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Natural materials, Natural designs, Natural products

The Oak Leaf Plate, beautiful, practical, biodegradable. Oak Leaf Plates deliver a vision of nature to all your events: catering, wine tastings, parties, banquets, corporate gatherings, PR activities, and parties at home.

The concept behind the Oak Leaf Plate is that leaves go through a cycle. They grow then they fall back to nature. This idea helps us to think naturally, and understand biodegradability better.

KHJ STUDIO wants to create products that make our lives more convenient, beautiful and rich, but which go back to nature after we have finished with them.

Material: Paper pulp
Size: W80 D140 H9 mm / W130 D230 H17 mm
Type: Small, medium

Available in small, medium and mulitipacks.

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Biodegradable Oak Leaf Plates