Linger a little longer while in the lobby and browse our new art and ceramics installation at MADE NYC; “where experiences are the new luxury”.

For foresters, properly felling a tree first requires the making of a well-placed,
wedge-shaped “first cut” to help determine the precise direction in which the
tree will fall. These first cuts are the wood fragments Kipp Miller “gives new life to”. A new life to those sole remnants of trees that once towered over us all. Each slice of wood was found by the artist on a rural New Hampshire roadside and
then hand sanded, painted and polished, with no two sides alike.

Alejandra Mandelblum is a muralist, multidisciplinary artist and teaching artist with a history of working in underserved communities. Employing both colors and geometries common in her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, she seeks to contrast the country’s tropical beauty and past prosperity with its current deterioration, violence and decline. Having come from a family of physicians, Alejandra is also interested in processes of degeneration and regeneration and sometimes creates fantastical biological microworlds to explore these aspects of human experience.