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Claire Price

Acrylic on canvas

30 X 30 Inches


About Claire Price:
Born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1975, Price studied Fine Arts at Canterbury University. A multi-hyphenate artist, internationally accomplished in the realms of Painting, Photography & Music, she spent 15 years living in Paris and speaks fluent French.

Currently rooted in Brooklyn, New York, Price is a mother, wife, and prolific creator of work. Price’s work has been shown in eminent galleries in Paris, New York and New Zealand.

Known for her use of bright, vibrant colors, bold brush strokes, drips, splatters and chalky lines her artwork grabs the viewer and invites them into a world of sacred and magical imagery. Her overarching concern for Mother Nature permeates the work as the artist seeks to awaken viewers to the beauty and genius inherent in the natural world and compel them to act with urgency in the face of the current Anthropocene.

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