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Elyse Harrison


Acrylic on canvas

40 x 30 inches


About Elyse Harrison

Elyse Harrison has had a lifelong career in fine art, maintaining a studio in the Washington, DC area since the late 1970’s. Her work has been reviewed in The Washington Post, The Gazette Newspapers, Modernism Magazine and The Baltimore City Paper and she is a 2021 recipient of the State of Maryland’s Independent Artist Award. From the 2020 catalogue for Elyse Harrison’s most recent exhibition “Communicating Vessels” at The American University Museum, curator Claudia Rousseau writes: “Harrison’s own upbringing had included a Russian grandmother who taught her how to sew on an old treadle machine, instilling in her a love of textiles and decorative patterns that would give her a lifelong inclination towards using pattern in her work. Her enduring love of music is another source for this. Listening to jazz and other contemporary forms as she works, Harrison hears the patterns in them as design layers which she translates into the forms of her paintings. Although her sources do include the Chicago Imagists, comics, and contemporary design, her art comes from a deeper place. She has expressed an enduring connection to the European Surrealists who, she has said “worked without regard for convention and favored the interplay of conscious reality and subconscious dreams in their work.”


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