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Angela Frances

Magazine paper

18.5 x 15.5 inches


About Angela Frances:
Angela Frances grew up in Austin, Tx and moved to New York in 2009. She believes that feminism is equality between the sexes and that it is something we have not achieved. Socially and economically men have more power and clout than women do. But when it comes to sexuality women have the majority of the power (over strait men), if they choose to exercise it. Boys become automatically weaker than her when sexuality is introduced and it’s something she’s not only learned to capitalize on but exploit when it serves her.

She enjoys people’s interpretations of her work and likes to know what they see rather than telling them “what it’s all about”. Some pieces more obvious than others, are full of femininity, admiration, sexuality and love. She enjoys the idea that her work will “make boys cry” and will honor the power women’s sex appeal has them. “Them” being the crying boys. 

With a background in marketing, sales, modeling and entertainment, her work expresses all that she has been through in her life, love, work and her own experiences in the art world.