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Digital art work in acrylic frame with minted NFT

Framed: 5.75 x 8.5 inches
ART WORK: 3.25 X 6 inches


About Damn Ode: 
An Ode to Helmut Newton's Women, an AI-generated collection of women's power on NYC rooftops where strength and beauty defy gravity.
The Damn ode collection is a stylistic tribute to the iconic work of Helmut Newton, a renowned fashion photographer known for his provocative, erotically charged black- and-white photos that were a mainstay of Vogue and other high-profile publications. In the photo, we see a figure reminiscent of Newton's stylized aesthetic: a silhouette of a person standing with an assertive posture against an urban skyline with a dramatically large and detailed moon in the background.
The figure's long, slender limbs and sharp, pointed fingers could be an allusion to Newton's emphasis on the tall, statuesque forms of his subjects. The subject's head is replaced with a featureless, mannequin-like form, which evokes Newton's frequent play with anonymous or obscured faces, often letting the body's pose and the fashion speak for themselves.

Newton's influence is also felt in the monochromatic and high-contrast lighting of the image, a characteristic feature of many of his photographs. The bold composition with the striking contrast between the dark figure and the glowing moon creates a dramatic and moody atmosphere typical of Newton's work.

Additionally, the pose and attire of the figure in the image—a tailored suit and high heels —could be seen as a reference to Newton's power-dressed female subjects who often exuded a sense of strength, dominance, and mystery. The urban setting is also a familiar motif, providing a cosmopolitan context that Newton favored.

This image is a modern tribute that uses the visual language of Newton's photography to create a new, surreal narrative that continues to intrigue and challenge the viewer much as Newton's work did.

E-UPHORIA aka Alessia Moccia, is more than just an art advisory; it is a platform dedicated to unveiling the profound connection that lies beneath every art transaction.

I firmly believe that integrating art into your space goes beyond mere decoration—it sparks an engaging narrative and fosters a harmonious synergy. With each interaction, I strive to celebrate and nurture the unique bond between artist and client, ensuring a meaningful and enriching exchange.

Over the last two years, I took photographs daily on Miami and New York streets. 

As a growing number of women street photographers contributing to this dynamic genre, I enter the territory with a dreamlike and distinctly imaginary eye, offering a surreal addition to the tradition of street photography. 

Through my visionary and whimsical concept, I witnessed the galaxy merged in the city's sidewalks—a futuristic vision inspired by the Metaverse. 

Photography is like air and water.

I juxtapose a real-world setting with fantastical elements that move to another reality: the Metaverse meets Miami, New York, and the Galaxy.

My photos are heavily altered; it is an intentional manipulation of the image, a precise color choice, and all the elements are chosen on purpose.

I use photography to support women, inclusivity, and equality.