Dancing Queen Modal Scarf
Dancing Queen Modal Scarf

Dancing Queen Modal Scarf

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The "Dancing Queen" Silk Scarf is a lively expression of Isabelle Gougenheim's artful vision, crafted to bring a burst of joy and color to your everyday fashion. Reflecting the pulsating rhythm of Chicago's art district, this scarf is a wearable celebration, perfect for anyone who loves to stand out.

Playful and Bold:
With an explosion of vivid colors and dynamic figures, this scarf illustrates a spirited dance on silk, inviting you to express your vibrant personality.

Effortless Style:
The scarf's 54 x 54-inch size is perfect for versatile wear; knot it, loop it, or let it flow to infuse your look with a fun, energetic twist.

Woven with 85% Modal and 15% Silk, the scarf offers a glimpse into a world of tactile and visual splendor, ensuring you not only look but also feel your absolute best.

Maintenance with Ease:
Retain the scarf's beauty with a simple cold water hand-wash and flat drying method. A low-heat iron is sufficient to keep it pristine, or you can opt for professional care to preserve its quality.

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Dancing Queen Modal Scarf