Film Noire: Fore Shadow

Film Noire: Fore Shadow

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Harness the beauty of silky smooth notes of smoky musk, pipe tobacco, and delicate vanilla married in a symphony of controlled mystery. Foreshadow is the tantalizing fragrance for those bold enough to hold the keys to their own future.

Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Galbanum, Incense

Middle Notes: Tobacco, Cypress

Base Notes: Ambrox, Vanilla, Musk

Created by Principle Perfumer: Ilias Ermenidis


About Film Noir:

Curatrix’s Film Noir exhibition is the complete emotional experience of a classic film noir for the modern consumer.

Curatrix has updated this iconic film genre by reinterpreting character values and motives, adding a sense of intrigue and mystery, and completing a thrilling story while actively encouraging the wearer to become part of the tale.

Her exhibition encapsulates the full range of love, power, vulnerability, and an unapologetically bold storyline.