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Emilio Martinez


Acrylic on canvas

43 x 41 inches 


About Emilio Martinez:
Emilio Martinez is new on the scene but has already been the topic of conversation on the scene. His use of traditional styles mixed with modern topics and themes helps him to be in the spotlight at any gathering. His famous paintings of pop icons such as Kobe Bryant, Pablo Escobar, and Notorious BIG were immediate hits and his range of collectors varied from Wall Street to Jay Z himself. Emilio juxtaposes different styles and techniques to create images that come to life with small tales all around them. Any one of his images has a sub-story hidden inside and will demand you to take the time to study it.

He’s been working with the legendary Tats Cru, Crash One, and many other legends of the street art game. He has also curated several shows and put together massive events for fans and collectors alike.