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H2O Triptych

Eva Petric

3 Unique Pieces

Hand-engraved colored plexi glass plates

70 x 55 cm / 27.5 x 21.65 inches

*Can be purchased as a set of 3 or sold individually


About H2O Triptych: 
“H20” is the translation of my black and white analog photography into lace pattern, to cast the shadow of the trail of a human. The photography embedded in the process is hand-developed and manipulated in the darkroom, resulting in a unique image without the negative which would enable analog replication. This image is translated into the pattern of Idrija lace and is then photographed so that it may be further enlarged and hand-engraved onto recycled plexi plates forming my “H2O”.

“H2O” thus plays with the presentation and re-representation of what it means to be, not just a human, but an Earthling. The engraved line, which bends, and coils, but never breaks, serves as a trail generating a blueprint, the artist’s literal fingerprint, alluding to humanity’s collective trace. The engraved thread, although rough and tactile, brings us back to the starting point: all that remains is the shadow, an echo of what it means to be an Earthling in the form of a human, a recycled puzzle of EarthThings.

The thread derived from the initial photograph of my shadow silhouette transferred into lace now casts back its original materia - a shadow form, but not in smooth lines, instead, it winds and bends out of place with various knots echoing life.

About Eva Petrič:
Eva Petrič (1983, Kranj, Slovenia) is a conceptual, inter-media artist who works with various disciplines of fine art, as well as with photography, performance and writing. She graduated from Psychology and Fine Art at the Webster University in Vienna (2005) and later pursued a master’s degree in new media at Transart Institute in Berlin/ Danube University Krems (2010). She participated at over 60 solo and 110 group exhibitions across Europe, USA and Asia. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Vienna and in New York.

She was the first Slovenian artist to exhibit two large-scale installations at the famous St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna in 2016. Her work was also included Sing of Hope, one of the biggest annual open-air art projects in New York the same year. Her artistic expression includes photography, video, sound, performance, design, poetry and writing. In the forefront of her work is the concept of spatial atmosphere both on the physical, mental, imaginary and metaphorical level. 

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