Jetson Bracelet

Jetson Bracelet

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Jetson Bracelet by Ying + Kang

BLUE TIGER EYE: (10mm) aids in communicating with clarity and acting from a place of integrity; enables the expansion of one's horizons leading to better opportunities and prosperity; often used for manifestation

JADE: (10mm) a stone that blesses whatever it touches, keeps harm at bay and brings harmony and stability; represents pureness, gentleness, love, longevity, wisdom and confidence

CRYSTAL QUARTZ: (10mm) known as the power stone; counteracts negativity, clears your mind, amplifies energy and intentions; connects you with your higher-self; cleanses and activates the power and energy of gemstones it accompanies

Bracelet includes:

*Sterling silver Ying & Kang charm

Made in Manhattan

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