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Digital art work in acrylic frame with minted NFT

Framed: 8.5 x 5.75 inches
Artwork: 6 x 3.25 inches


About Lady Liberty: 
This is a composite image that features the Statue of Liberty in the foreground with an enormous full moon rising directly behind it. The sky has a gradient from twilight colors near the horizon to a deeper night blue dotted with stars as it ascends. The Statue of Liberty is illuminated in such a way that it appears to be part of the same luminous scene as the moon, implying that the photo was taken during the evening or at night. THE COTTON CANDY clouds move the scene to a 3-dimensional area, meanwhile, the blue fishes dance around the Lady Liberty crown. a way of enhancing the fantastic and serene mood of the image.

E-UPHORIA aka Alessia Moccia, is more than just an art advisory; it is a platform dedicated to unveiling the profound connection that lies beneath every art transaction.

I firmly believe that integrating art into your space goes beyond mere decoration—it sparks an engaging narrative and fosters a harmonious synergy. With each interaction, I strive to celebrate and nurture the unique bond between artist and client, ensuring a meaningful and enriching exchange.

Over the last two years, I took photographs daily on Miami and New York streets. 

As a growing number of women street photographers contributing to this dynamic genre, I enter the territory with a dreamlike and distinctly imaginary eye, offering a surreal addition to the tradition of street photography. 

Through my visionary and whimsical concept, I witnessed the galaxy merged in the city's sidewalks—a futuristic vision inspired by the Metaverse. 

Photography is like air and water.

I juxtapose a real-world setting with fantastical elements that move to another reality: the Metaverse meets Miami, New York, and the Galaxy.

My photos are heavily altered; it is an intentional manipulation of the image, a precise color choice, and all the elements are chosen on purpose.

I use photography to support women, inclusivity, and equality.