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Alejandra Mandelblum 

Acrylic, enamel and collage on paper

28 x 21 in


About Alejandra Mandelblum: 
Alejandra is a muralist, multidisciplinary artist, and teaching artist with a history of working in underserved communities. After nearly two decades as a fashion designer working both in the United States and South America, she is now based in the West Village and is focused on fine art and arts education. Teaching experience includes work with Creative Art Works, Zen Creative Kids and the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services.

From 2009 to 2015, she served as the Founder and Creative Director of Mandelbaum, a contemporary fashion brand for women with locations in NYC and Lima, Peru, that combined innovative wearable designs with high-quality, mostly natural fabrics. She earned a degree in Fashion Design from Centro de Formación Artística Brivil, in Venezuela. Currently, she is a working artist for Moonglitch Murals at Fat Cat Fab Lab NYC.

Alejandra’s personal art often explores themes of dislocation and nostalgia for a homeland in a perpetual state of political upheaval. Employing both colors and geometries common in her hometown of Caracas, she seeks to contrast the country’s tropical beauty and past prosperity with its current deterioration, violence and decline. Having come from a family of physicians, Alejandra is also interested in processes of degeneration and regeneration and sometimes creates fantastical biological microworlds to explore these aspects of human experience. She has exhibited her work at the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling, in Harlem; Arte Galeria Forjadores de Mexico, in Mexico City; and Gowanus Open Studio, in Brooklyn.

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