Mezcal Añejo Perfume Oil

Mezcal Añejo Perfume Oil

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This new Limited Edition Eau de Mezcal - Mezcal Añejo - is a blend of Brocade Spices and Velveted Fruit.

Notes: Velvet Jasmine | Leather | Smoked Amber | Guajillo | Golden Peach

An extravagant and adventurous holiday celebration, Mexico City style. Brocade spices, woods and fruit fill the air of the mezcalerias in the center of the city.

Aged agave from nearby mountains is blended with enrapturing tonics for a sophisticated cocktail for the senses. Vibrant folk music follows us through the streets in a velveted sillage.

Perfume Oil Roll-On (0.2 fl oz / 6 ml) with gold foil printed box