Moonwake Turberose

Moonwake Turberose

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MOONWAKE TUBEROSE, with its heart of tuberose absolute, cardamom, and bergamot, captures the essence of a romance awakened under the spell of the moon - A Tribute to Love's Early Bloom.

The scent unfolds into the night, where creamy ylang-ylang mirrors the moon's serene caresses on water, culminating in a base of sandalwood and vanilla that lingers like whispers of an oath.

This scent is a tribute to those first moments of falling in love, offering the chance to relive its pure joy and bliss whenever desired.

Top: Tuberose Absolute (India), Cardamom Essence (Sri Lanka), Bergamot Essence (Italy)

Heart: Ambroxan, Upcycled Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), Flower Milk

Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla

Good to know:
✔️ Vegan formula

✔️ Bottles, caps, and pumps are crafted in France

✔️ Genderless            

✔️ Blended in small, artisanal batches in the USA

✔️ Floral  

✔️ Perfumer: Clément Marx