O PESO DO MUNDO #1  (The Weight of the World)

O PESO DO MUNDO #1 (The Weight of the World)

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O PESO DO MUNDO #1  (The Weight of the World)

Paulo Govêa

Acrylic on Canvas (Framed)
31 x 38 inches

About Paulo Govêa:

Paulo Govêa is known internationally and has already made exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and in the United States.

In his very unique way of stylizing his characters, we may note that his stylistic identity coexists harmoniously with broad and comprehensive subjects of the mass culture.

Among the several sources of inspiration of the artist, some of his works show a surrealistic touch with the uncommon manner in which elements - which bear strong symbolic meaning around the main characters - are arranged, or even when the artist plays with the object-background relationship, transforming the characters into a stage for patterns and figures that propose another form of representation of the individuals.

With lots of colors, coherence, and creativity, Paulo Govêa gives us a production that is increasingly maturing and very rich in terms of forms and meaning.

He is showing an artistic maturity that, to our satisfaction, time will not make perish, but depurate.

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