Pickleball Paddles (Set for 2)

Pickleball Paddles (Set for 2)

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Glarollirace Sport pickleball paddles are made of premium s-class fiberglass surface and polypropylene honeycomb core, so the pickleball rackets are lightweight but extremely firm enough. Our pickleball rackets offer more power, less noise and a larger surface area, enhancing your hitting ball probability and accuracy.

Tested and certified by USAPA, which means they are qualified to play in official competitions and pickleball tournaments for pickleball masters also, a good choice for starters to learn and exercise.

Glarollirace Sport pickleball rackets are suitable for children, elders and adults, men and women.

This set includes 2 retro style fiberglass rackets, 2 indoor pickleball balls with 26 holes and another 2 outdoors with 40 holes. A durable pickleball carry bag can hold all of the above and also extra little stuff like keys, food and cell phones.

15.7"L x 7.7"W