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Natalia Kalianova

Oil on canvas

48 x 36 inches


About Natalia Kalianova:
Natalia Kalianova (better known by her moniker Kalina), was born in Russia, now is living in USA. "For me, art manifested itself as a savior at a time when fatigue, tedium, and conformity were becoming an everyday part of my life as an IT professional.

My works are all about celebrating life, creativity, and freedom, as I believe that this sort of ‘enchantment’ is something that we all long for in a world that is becoming increasingly complex I want my paintings to encourage the viewer to combat the monotony of everyday life and enjoy the present. Art should be all about breaking barriers and overcoming resistance, not about creating them. Art as a whole can only truly move forward by leveraging conflict, tension, and progress in all of their forms."

Kalina ia a participant in international exhibitions. Her works are in private collections. She is member of the Creative Union of Artist of Russia, whose members at different times were: Kazimir Malevich, Marc Shagal, Alexander Rodchenko and many others.