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Digital art work in acrylic frame with minted NFT

Framed: 5.75 x 8.5 inches
ART WORK: 3.25 X 6 inches


About Raven: 
could be seen as tributes to various art movements and genres, all brought together into a single, harmonious yet enigmatic and dramatic digital composition.

SURREALISM The juxtaposition of a gigantic full moon against an urban sunset skyline, along with a person with a disproportionately large, floating red cloak and a whimsical motorcycle with what appears to be cartoonish eyes and teeth, gives the scene a dreamlike quality that is characteristic, of Surrealism

POP ART neon lights can be seen as a nod to commercial art and urban landscapes.

Comic Books: The aesthetic of the motorcycle and the person in the red cloak are influenced by comic book art, where heroes and strange vehicles are often depicted in dramatic, dynamic poses.

E-UPHORIA aka Alessia Moccia, is more than just an art advisory; it is a platform dedicated to unveiling the profound connection that lies beneath every art transaction.

I firmly believe that integrating art into your space goes beyond mere decoration—it sparks an engaging narrative and fosters a harmonious synergy. With each interaction, I strive to celebrate and nurture the unique bond between artist and client, ensuring a meaningful and enriching exchange.

Over the last two years, I took photographs daily on Miami and New York streets. 

As a growing number of women street photographers contributing to this dynamic genre, I enter the territory with a dreamlike and distinctly imaginary eye, offering a surreal addition to the tradition of street photography. 

Through my visionary and whimsical concept, I witnessed the galaxy merged in the city's sidewalks—a futuristic vision inspired by the Metaverse. 

Photography is like air and water.

I juxtapose a real-world setting with fantastical elements that move to another reality: the Metaverse meets Miami, New York, and the Galaxy.

My photos are heavily altered; it is an intentional manipulation of the image, a precise color choice, and all the elements are chosen on purpose.

I use photography to support women, inclusivity, and equality.