Shavasana Glimmer

Shavasana Glimmer

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Shavasana Glimmer

Pothik Chatterjee

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 40 inches


About Pothik Chatterjee: 
Born in Kolkata, India in 1984, I grew up around the world, in Dubai, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. Art has been a lifelong passion of mine. As a child, my first drawings were of Hindu Goddesses like Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati - representing divine feminine power and grace. Based in Baltimore, I paint abstract acrylics on canvas that are calm and meditative, inspired by nature, emotional inner landscapes, Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, subverting the patriarchy and imagining new ways of living, loving and healing…

Art is magic for me, creativity is healing and therapeutic, connected to my spirituality and Bengali-Indian heritage and ancestral voices, processing the generational traumas of colonialism, immigration and cultural upheaval, and manifesting beauty, serenity, self-acceptance and empowerment through the power of the brush and soothing colors and energies.

Grateful to my art teachers and programs with Princeton University’s Arts Council under Barbara diLorenzo, including watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, and intuitive color theory with Lital Gold in New York City.

My shows include ‘Creative Confluences’ South Asian Artist Exhibition at Towson University’s Asian Art Gallery in Baltimore in Fall 2022, Highlandtown Art Gallery’s Holiday Show in Baltimore in Winter 2022 and New Artists Show in Jan 2023.

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