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Stem Cell Potential

Eva Petric

Double-sided printed mirror

155 x 70cm / 61 x 27.5 inches


About Stem Cell Potential
The Stem Cell Potential figure translated into a lace pattern, visualizes and expresses the interconnectivity within our own selves - our bodies when viewed on the cellular micro level, and within our society on a macro level - among societies on a planetary level as well as on the level of stars, at an intergalactic level. We are all part of this pattern, similar to lace, where everyone is connected, sustaining and being sustained by a yet bigger pattern. Thus, my image and figure Stem Cell Potential is a TOTEM to the many and often invisible ways we are interconnected amongst each other, showing and rejoicing the potentiality arising from that which is existing within each person. It shows not only the zig-zags and twists and turns of life, but also the interweaving myriad of connections that form human society and connect humans, just as love does. It shows further that we are like threads, caught in loops of emotions in patterns of past and future generations of human society. Thus, it seems to me to be the perfect seal with which to confirm the presence potentiality, in humans, wherever they might be.

About Eva Petrič:
Eva Petrič (1983, Kranj, Slovenia) is a conceptual, inter-media artist who works with various disciplines of fine art, as well as with photography, performance and writing. She graduated from Psychology and Fine Art at the Webster University in Vienna (2005) and later pursued a master’s degree in new media at Transart Institute in Berlin/ Danube University Krems (2010). She participated at over 60 solo and 110 group exhibitions across Europe, USA and Asia. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Vienna and in New York.

She was the first Slovenian artist to exhibit two large-scale installations at the famous St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna in 2016. Her work was also included Sing of Hope, one of the biggest annual open-air art projects in New York the same year. Her artistic expression includes photography, video, sound, performance, design, poetry and writing. In the forefront of her work is the concept of spatial atmosphere both on the physical, mental, imaginary and metaphorical level. 

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