{The AND} Coworkers Edition
{The AND} Coworkers Edition

{The AND} Coworkers Edition

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Tired of the same old team-building activities that don't really connect you with your colleagues? {THE AND} Coworkers Edition is the perfect solution! An incredible tool for creating engagement and meaningful team building - it's going to help you discover your colleagues as more than just office mates! Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to authentic communication that will have everyone talking.

The Coworkers Edition is a team-building tool is designed to spark interesting conversations while still keeping it professional. And the best part? You can use it in person or in digital meetings - it's so versatile! With this tool, you'll get to know the person behind the name badge and build lasting connections with your team. Take your team building to the next level and order our tool today!


    • 199 unique and meaningful questions and prompts
    • Helps to unify and inspire your teams
    • Humanize the workplace through engaging conversations 
    • Bring teams together in a new, meaningful way
    • Great for HR, senior leadership, management, or individual teams

    The asking is easy. Our only rule? Be yourself when answering. Not quite ready for a specific question? “Pass” is an answer, too.

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    {The AND} Coworkers Edition