The Train Station At Brooklyn

The Train Station At Brooklyn

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The Train Station At Brooklyn

Isabel Carafì

Mixed media on canvas

20 x 28 inches


About Isabel Carafì:

Isabel Carafì divides her existence between the South American, American and Eurasian continents, was born in Buenos Aires receiving a diploma from the National Academy of Fine Arts Buenos Aires in 1978, moved to Italy in 1980 and received a diploma of the Carrara Academy in 1984. She currently resides in Trieste, Italy. 

The traits of his pictorial poetry are unmistakable: not pure representation, not a mere abstraction but almost anthropological research.

The subjects of his works mix the semiotic value of caricature, the taste for naive design, with contemporary architecture, works with various techniques and materials from sculpture, painting, installations, photography, and digital art.

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