10 of the best gifts for your favorite New Yorker

Some of you have been telling us you’re not getting our emails regularly. Or that they’re landing in your promotions folder and you don’t always see them.

We’ve heard your pleas, have consulted the biggest brains in IT, and have a solution of sorts - at least for those of you on gmail.

Here goes, tech geniuses: click on your latest email from us and just drag it into your primary mail folder. Your mail service will then pop up with a prompt, asking if you want to do this for all future emails from this address. The answer is YES, naturally.

This will start to teach gmail to treat our messages as the special,  longed-for emails they are.

We’ve yet to resolve this for other mail services, but it’s a start - bear with us and watch this space.

Now get a load of our latest, gorgeous products - they’re brand new for this cycle and selling out fast.


This beautiful book is back by popular demand, introducing the modern gentlemen to some of the greatest pleasures in life, from the very best spirits to the most complex hot sauces to the suavest of accessories. A handsome gift - or a volume you return to again and again.



Ametta Skin’s pore-reducing charcoal mask is as kinky as it is effective. Designed for oily, acne-prone skin, it is blended with bamboo charcoal to help prevent breakouts. Make it your skin’s sexy weekend treat.



Coloring is now fully mainstream, providing adults as well as children with hours of relaxing, creative fun. Turn off your phone and create a giant poster with friends. Use it as a tablecloth to keep the kids entertained at the table. Or take on the project solo. Also available as a jungle variety.



These round, slim, extremely portable flasks have a sturdy latch top that ensures you'll never lose your cap. Available in steel and blue - the sexiest hip flasks we’ve ever seen.



The sharp scent of wood when carving your initials on a desk. Ink-stained hands, pencil shavings, battered library books, folds in loose leaf paper. Passing notes in class (please say yes). We’re OBSESSED with the gorgeous classroom nostalgia of Yes / No / Maybe.



Now that we have to pay for plastic bags everywhere we go, this is our absolute go-to tote that is both beautiful and practical. Made with finely woven  100% recycled plastic, cut and stitched in Assam, India, the leather straps and detailing are added in the maker’s Brooklyn studio. Wear it as a backpack or carry it as a tote, and never pay 5c for a paper bag again. Also available in larger size for even more groceries!



The Monti Champagne flutes duo by Sempli was created to enhance the effervescence of carbonated beverages as it’s not to be stirred or swirled. They come in an elegant box, making them a stunning gift for your favorite bubbly human.



Catalyst Gold has been specifically developed to re-program your body on a cellular level, while aiding the necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions. It’s a breakthrough superfood supplement made up of super greens, herbs, superfruits and essential minerals to help protect and revive the immune, circulatory and nervous systems, the digestive organs, and revitalize hair and skin. We can’t make any promises, but Tom and Henri have experienced massive doses of energy since taking these - pinky swear.



New Yorker is unique and trendsetting, fresh, spicy, and bewitching. A combination of anise with fresh bergamot, lavender and patchouli, it’s designed to emulate the virile humans of New York. We’ll let you be the judge …


10. ART

Ko Smith is a contemporary painter from Brooklyn, whose Stockholm: Soft Ammolite 3 - a stunning, abstract ink on yupo paper piece - addresses identity, ambiguity, and cultural politics.


"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and face the strange"

David Bowie

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