Brand new stuff (plus a sneak preview)


Just when you thought everything was winding down in preparation for the new cycle, we decided to surprise you with a few new items. Blame the fall weather - I guess we figured you might need cheering up. It's a public service, really...



You know we’ll be launching our next cycle in just a few weeks, but here’s a little taste of what you can expect. The perfect anytime brain snack, these chocolates are made with earth-grown adaptogens and mushrooms to support happy energy and focus. It’s made by neuroscientists with a sweet tooth. Tried and tested by Tom and Henri.




New in this week and a fave of Henri's. The magic of turmeric, cucumber and aloe vera will not just decrease the appearance of puffiness, fatigue, and dark circles around your eyes. There’s also some caffeine in there to ignite and revitalize the appearance of the skin, plus natural sugars and vitamins E and K to hydrate and smooth the skin. If you ask it nicely, it might even make you a cup of coffee in the morning.




A fresh, forestry-scented candle with rosemary, lavender, musk and patchouli with a slight note of cedar and thyme. Reminiscent of the shrub-filled woodlands - perfect for Fall and a must-have for the season, with love from our friends at Montroi.




Back by popular demand…this delicious rose water, made in Oman the old-fashioned way, by collecting rose petals during the annual harvest and processing them within three hours. More than 1,000 petals go into just one bottle. All you have to do is splash a little to hydrate your skin or refresh your linen




It’s back! Our bestselling Black Rose diffuser has the same Black Rose fragrance you love - luscious damascena blended with sandalwood and agarwood - in a low-maintenance, long-lasting bottle. Yum! Also, stocks are extremely low, so you know what to do.




Now back in stock, Montroi’s best-selling Oud Monsoon incense sticks are made with precious oud oils to create a deep, woody fragrance with deeper notes of musk and patchouli, conjuring up a rainy monsoon day in the Rajasthan. (Not a rainy day in New York, which conjures up very different scents.)




This past Spring, Kelly + Jones traveled to Mexico City to gather inspiration for their newest fragrance. They wanted to capture the essence of sipping mezcal while taking in all the incredible aromas of the city’s famous flower market. The result - Mezcal Flora, addictive, sensual and smoky.




Another new product we’re squeezing in before the next cycle begins. Don’t say we never treat you! The Wander cordless lamp takes inspiration from rice paper lanterns, yet it has a minimal, contemporary design made of elemental materials, steel and glass. It comes with a USB-C charging port, is dimmable in three levels, and provides 10 hours of light. Also available in grey.




The Osso Jaw necklace  by Jacto is the ultimate statement piece. Made from a one-of-a-kind barracuda jaw and set in 14K gold vermeil over .925 silver bezel on 14K gold vermeil diamond-cut cuban curb chain, you'll never want to take this beauty off. Also available in silver.



10. ART

Elise Lyon has taken her 12 years working in the fashion industry and applied her knowledge of textile design to painting. The result are abstract portraits full of texture and vitality. Reflections is a 30 x 48 inch piece created using mulberry paper, mulberry paste, acrylic, and thread on canvas in a wood frame.


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