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Do not adjust your sets. We've handed over the reins this week to our Monday girl and communications powerhouse Ruth Walker, for a special LES FEMMES edition of our newsletter. These are her personal picks from the current cycle ... the pieces that make her heart soar (and have her breaking open her piggy bank).


The original and the best. I carry the little 15ml in my bag at all times to freshen up after Citibike rides (you don’t know where those sticky handlebars have been!). Yes, it cleans effectively, but it also moisturizes, so my hands don’t crack up in the name of hygiene.



This is literally the only thing that’s helping me keep cool in the August heat. The most effective fan, it does double duty by sending out a powerful message. Just don’t ask me to explain what Dom Top means to my mum …



It’s lightweight. It's water and sweat-resistant. And that broad spectrum SPF45 protects my face from the fierce, aging effects of the sun. Added bonus: it contains Vitamin B to tighten pores, treat fine lines, and improve skin tone, plus wild chamomile to sooth, calm, and moisturize. And you know sunscreen is not just for summer, right?



We all know that couples who talk about sex have better sex. But we don’t always know what to ask, or how to bring it up in the first place. Enter Mindful Intimacy from Wonderlust, a set of beautifully illustrated cards featuring questions or prompts designed to deepen sexual connection. Because communication is hot!



Santal, sandalwood, black cardamom, and musk seal the deal for me on this candle. But what first sold it was the gorgeous old fashioned rocks glass vessel. So I can toast my good taste with a fine Scotch once the candle has finished burning. Genius.



Now the party’s really getting started. This is my go-to house guest gift (usually paired with a bottle of Bordeaux in the coolest wine tote). Two ultra-clear red wine glasses from Sempli, designed to perfectly aerate the wine thanks to the little peak at the bottom – an homage to the Italian Alps. It’s the height of good taste.



I have MAISON 10 to thank for a jewelry collection I can barely keep track of. This piece has been my summer 2022 favorite. The gold chain is strung with beads sourced in Nairobi, each color holding a specific meaning and energy. Yellow represents fertility, health, and the sun’s energy; red symbolizes love and bravery; orange is friendship and warmth. Just beautiful.



I've never met a Jacto I didn’t like. The sustainable jewelry brand created this barracuda jaw friendship bracelet in silver and polished brass exclusively for MAISON 10. It’s simple enough for everyday wear; serious enough to make a bold statement. 



Henri describes Bare Sentient Nocturnal as the scent of a sultry summer evening … where spiced bitters, ripe fig, tobacco, singed sage, and tonka blend with sun-kissed skin. It conjures up an exotic jungle after a long a day of sunbathing … even if the furthest I got this summer was Rockaway beach.


10. ART

Tina Psoinos’s “My Life With The Wave” series re-examines women celebrities through the female gaze, using multiple layers to reveal each subject as driven, dynamic, seductive, and powerful. Having grown up watching Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, this large-scale Fight Like A Girl piece has my name on it. Just as soon as I free up 80 x 60 inches of wall space.


"Everything happens according to plan
But some people fight just to take root
In a world ill-equipped for the truth about Ruth."


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