Ten of the coolest holiday gifts - with love from New York City

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The launch of our Greatest Hits cycle was one of the best ever, thanks to you, our incredible MAISON 10 family, who showed up and blew us away with your support. We're still coming down from the high. Check out Tom's mini tour on the day – featuring lots of familiar faces.

A few of the highlights of the collection are now online to whet your appetite, but for the full, glorious Technicolor experience (complete with Kong, our in-house gorilla, floating on a cloud, created by the immensely talented Kalin Hart), come and visit us in store in person. We promise you it'll be worth it.



This was a bonkers bestseller from day one, and we're expecting a fresh new delivery any day now. So move fast if you've had your eyes on one of these bad boys. A vintage-style aperitif set, it's made up of four tinted glass bowls and a toothpick holder, which all stack up to form a wine bottle.



You're already hooked on our delicious signature hand sanitizer spray from Casa Posta. Now prepare to be seduced by their scented linen waters, designed to freshen up your sheets and fabrics between washes. This sweet-smelling gift set includes all four of Casa Posta's gorgeous fragrances: Petitgrain (obviously), Figuera, Madera, and Pamplenuit.



The original and the best. MAISON 10's exclusive collaboration with PLTNC has been a constant fan favorite since the beginning. Back in stock for a limited period, stock up on our Forest Floor incense sticks while you can.



Healing, softening, reparative, and anti-ageing, Nutu's Moringa Rose Salve is a 100% natural multi-tasker containing moringa seed oil, helichrysum, and rose absolute. Packed with antioxidants and oleic acid, it penetrates deep into the skin, helping to seal in moisture and promote skin cell repair. It melts on contact and is perfect for dry skin and used as a nourishing night cream.



A feast of wonder created by the ever-curious minds behind Atlas Obscura. This breathtakingly beautiful guide travels the seven continents, serving up a dish of incredible ingredients, food adventures, and edible wonders, including a beer made from fog in Chile, Sardinia’s “Threads of God” pasta, and Egypt’s 2000-year-old egg ovens. Dig in and feed your sense of wonder.




Charge up your atmosphere with the stunning selenite lamp, made from real crystals to create positive vibes for your space. When the light is on, it creates negative ions, which cleanse and energize the atmosphere, delivering peace, clarity, and healing. It also looks super cool. 



OK. Let's be real. We all know that 4am in New York doesn't smell particularly sweet. But this candle conjures up magical images of late-night parties and early mornings walking through the sparkling city. Think top notes of bergamot and saffron
, melting into jasmine, cardamom, and rose, and ending with cool spices
 and leather. Good things really do happen after midnight.



Our clever friends at Kelly + Jones have created a gorgeously spicy, smoky fragrance inspired by the complex, ceremonial tradition of mezcal. It tickles all your senses and it's super sexy.



Jacto has done it again! The incredible ethical jewelry designer from New York City creates stunning statement pieces from waste created by the seafood industry. This latest piece is cast from a section of tuna vertebrae on a 14k gold filled chain. Also available in store in silver. 


10. ART

Dirt Cobain, the street artist behind our F*ck 2020 art, has created a brand new collection of prints exclusively for MAISON 10. New York Fuckin City is a tribute to the bold, anarchic attitude of our home town. These are strictly limited edition of only 10 signed and numbered digital prints, available in other colors, and either framed or print only.



"I don't fucking live in the fucking world! I live in fucking New York City! So go fuck yourself!

Michael Keaton as Henry Hackett in The Paper

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