Ten reasons to feel good about 2022

We're not big believers in all that "New Year, New You" nonsense. We're here to tell you that you're already fabulous and don't need to change a damn thing. But we do hope this year brings healing, happiness, and hope as we look at the worst parts of the last two years in the rear view mirror, after we've driven over it several times in a monster truck.

So here's to you in 2022. 

This is our pick of 10 things that will help you feel good about the future. 


The bestselling rainbow chakra wand contains seven flowers that represent the seven chakras, to manifest new beginnings for your body, mind, and soul. Burn it to relieve stress, repel insects, get rid of bacteria in the air, and start 2022 with positive vibes only.



Omicron is eating New York alive, and sanitizing wipes are back on our list of essentials when we’re out and about in the city. These powerful purifiers are made using biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers, with 65% alcohol and – crucially – infused with moisturizing aloe, so you won’t crack up when you use them on your skin. Unscented, purifying, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and moisturizing, they're individually wrapped for busy, on-the-go New Yorkers.



Issue #7 of Crotch magazine is hot off the press and sizzling on our shelves. There are five fabulous covers and more sexy bodies that we can handle. Stocks are extremely limited this time around, so you know what to do!



You don't change your sheets everyday... but you can make them smell like you do. Use these deliciously scented sprays by Casa Posta (the brand behind our bestselling hand sanitizing spray) on linens and all fabrics to refresh your space.



It wouldn't be January without a motivational quote or two. Ours is home grown, from a collaboration between NYC poet and artist Zach Whitman and our friends at Thompson Ferrier candles. Scented with cassis pomegranate, it comes with words we all need to hear right now, printed on a label designed and handmade by the author on a 1950s typewriter: “Change is something that happens when you least expect it at a time you need it most.” 



Coffee is so 2020. These days, we're all drinking tea. Take yours with you wherever you go with this handsomely designed tea infuser bottle. Pop the leaves in the top part, pour hot water in the bottom part. Close, invert the bottle to infuse, then drink in the goodness.



Made in Oman, in the Jebel Akhadar mountain, 3,000m above sea level, Montroi’s rose water is made the old-fashioned way – collecting rose petals during the annual harvest and processing them within three hours. More than 1,000 petals go into just one bottle. All you have to do is splash a little to hydrate your winter-ravaged skin.



Mara Peralta’s lobster clasp chain is the definition of form and function. Made in New York from sustainable steel, featuring snap clasp and split rings, it’s the simplest, sexiest way to carry your keys.



Arcadia’s Obsidian perfume is all fruity top notes, with a wild heart containing ylang ylang, ambergris, leather, and nutmeg, and long, lingering base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, vanilla, and musk, conjuring up a sense of desire and yearning.


10. ART

Scotland-born, New York-based Michael Miller trained in Italy, Switzerland, and Mozambique, and is one of MAISON 10's all-time bestselling artists. This stunning abstract piece – A Secret Never To Be Told – was created specially for our Greatest Hits cycle and draws the viewer in, begging the question: What's the secret, Michael?!


“You don't have to become something you're not to be better than you were.”

Sidney Poitier

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