The perfect New York summer gifts

the best little gift shop in new york city

It's the summer of sunshine and storms - and we have the perfect fragrance that reflects the weather. There's also the back-in-stock necklace that people can't get enough of, the cheese board to beat all cheese boards, and our best-selling glasses that come with a witty twist. Come and check it out - don't be koi ...

weighted eye mask with lavendar


Lie back, place this gently weighted mask on your eyes, and feel your whole body relax. The mask is available in two colors - Carbon or Clay - and is filled with flaxseed and lavender for an aromatic, weighted sensory experience.


green color change mood lipstick


You loved this Heart Chakra mood change lipstick so much, we’ve just taken delivery of a new supply - but they won’t last long. Watch it change from green to pink. High-pigment, buildable sheer and glossy.


pain relief cream with cbd


This salve glides on with a gentle touch while delivering powerful botanicals and adaptogens to comfort aches associated with menstruation, muscle soreness, and joint issues. It’s an organic body balm that heals from the outside in to protect all areas of the body. Containing 600mg CBD and 100mg CBG.


new york's favorite scented candle


Coconut, sandalwood, and tuberose combine in the Nuit Blanche scented candle by Hōv Paris, conjuring up images of remote Indian palaces at nightfall and a lush sandalwood forest. It’s a sensual, carnal scent. Burn at your peril.


cool stacking fish glasses


One of our all-time bestsellers, this surprising set of four glasses that stacks to form a fish is back in stock and stock is extremely limited. Now available in mint green as well as blue.


the perfect gold stacking necklace


This beauty - brand new to Maison 10 - sold out almost immediately. Now it’s back in stock. Gold-plated - it looks stunning on its own or layered with your other favorite necklaces.


designer cheese charcuterie board


Once your charcutes has graced the beauty of this stunning cheese board by by Gauri Kohili, nothing else will do. Lovingly made from marble, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and brass, it makes the perfect house guest gift.


beaded precious stone bracelet positive energy


Ying + Kang’s bracelets combine the power of real precious and semi-precious gemstones to create an empowering accessory that also looks beautiful. Plus, only three of any design are ever made. The Splendor Bracelet uses amethyst, red and blue agate, and titanium gold hematite to provide emotional balance, inner strength, and positive energy. I’m guessing we could all do with a slice of THAT particular pie!


intrigue seduction fragrance


Fresh and captivating top notes of sparkling bergamot, mandarin and zesty grapefruit make Intrigue by Submissive THE scent of the summer. Throw in a touch of spicy pepper blended with fresh notes of lavender, geranium and a subtle pop of jasmine, and it’s a refreshing cocktail in the park as the sun goes down. Delicious.


large scale figurative nude original art

10. ART

This one is the statement piece your home NEEDS. Tigers by Anka Miersejewska measures a massive 72 x 60 inches and is the perfect demonstration of the artist’s exploration of figuration and abstraction. The lovers, the lines of human figures, are the powerful starting point, from where she began the painting. It’s breathtaking.


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