This post contains bottoms!

That's right - this email contains a very sexy bottom - courtesy of this week's artist talk subject Franck Hodelin. You'll also find the shampoo/conditioner duo you didn't realize your life was missing, a candle that reminds you summer is just around the corner, and the ultimate astrology book for lovers (or wannabe lovers). As always, each item is available for sale online,,, but you know we love to see your sexy face!


This candle is one for those of us craving a taste of summer. A heady mix of cedar, sandalwood, musk, smoke and sea salt evoke the memory of driving down Highway 1 with the windows down, breathing in the fresh ocean air mixed with the giant redwoods and campfires from the Big Sur Cabins.



An original, smart, and provocative approach to evaluating sexual identities, Sextrology uncovers the naked truth behind each of the 24 gender signs - from fantasies to favorite positions, erogenous zones and emotional needs. Utterly enlightening!



Why are we just discovering these game-changers now? These vegan, pH balanced, cruelty-free, paraben, sulfate, silicone, salt, phthalate, and plastic-free shampoo + conditioner bars take all the guess work out of washing our hair, without any of the chemicals. Ideal for medium-to-dark-colored hair and those experiencing itch and flakes.



Find deep relaxation and restorative sleep courtesy of the Nootropic universe. One drop daily is all it takes to ease bodily tension and calm the mind — so you can rest easy and leave all thoughts behind. Contains 900mg CBD isolate.



The Black Rose frenzy continues! We’ve already run out of the scented candles after just a few days, but we still have a small number of the luscious perfume oils left. Grab one while you still can. This is not a drill.



A seriously stunning bowl that looks contemporary and organic - use it as a table centerpiece, or as a serving bowl for salads and wait for the admiring comments.



There is literally no outfit that can’t be improved with the addition of a classic pair of hoops. These are your new favorites - sleek and sculptural, they stand out from the hoop crowd with their dramatic lines and captivating scale. Made from Sterling silver.



Beware Smoldering Pepper. This deeply sensual fragrance is inspired by the seductress - all dark, spicy, peppery out with a touch of sweetness from vanilla (but not too sweet!).



The Melt Bowl by Nead Pot is more than a functional piece of stoneware - it’s a work of art (and heart), wheel-thrown by Nate then adorned by Dean’s exquisite eye for color.


10. ART

Franck Hodelin’s profoundly intimate and painterly portraits of black men focus on the subjects of homosexuality, the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized people - breathlessly beautiful.


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