Last call for FUTURE PERFECT gorgeousness

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The clock’s a-ticking - which can mean only one thing. This triumphant cycle is about to come to an end, ushering in the glories of 10 new artists and lots of new designers.

That leaves just just a few weeks to shop FUTURE PERFECT’s perfect mix, including the coolest cocktail glasses, the shampoo bars everyone is talking about, and the softest scarf that doubles as a work of art.

forest floor incense sticks


Grab ‘em while you still can. Our bestselling Forest Floor incense sticks, created exclusively with PLTNC, are in stock - but we have limited supplies. You know what to do.


nole shampoo and conditioner bars


They’re vegan, pH balanced, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, salt-free, phthalate-free, cold-pressed and, of course, plastic-free. These shampoo bars are specially designed in four formulations: for blondes, for those with curls, for frizzy, dry hair, and for dandruff. Our in-house testers swear by them.


mix tape 1999 scented candle


The ONLY scented candle that brings to mind playing LPs in your mom’s basement, Mixtape 1999 evokes burning incense and making mixtapes of 70s music. But in the 90s. A smoky woody scent, with top notes of black plum, raspberry, and clove, it burns clean, with vegan soy blend wax. Pure nostalgia in a funky orange vessel.


mushroom cocktail glasses


Our new take on the modern martini glass, these fun, elegant and unique mushroom cocktail glasses will have all your guests agog.


noon cbd relax drops


Take a drop of Relax Nootropic drops every day for the kind of consistently deep and restorative sleep you dream of. The formula is carefully crafted by a neuroscientist through the best clinical research on nootropics, adaptogens and mushrooms.


trophy bottle opener craighill


The Trophy is no ordinary bottle opener. Cast in solid brass by Craighill with a sand-blasted finish, its asymmetrical design means there are four prying surfaces. And it looks super stylish to boot!


central park trees scarf


A digitally printed modal scarf of an image taken of trees above Strawberry Fields in Central Park, this is as much a work of art as a practical and beautiful accessory. Each one is unique, and signed by photographer Manny Sanchez.


gold love bracelet lilypads


The LP Ensemble bracelet by Elppin is a modern take on the iconic Love bracelet - featuring 17 exquisite, interlocking lilypads that  encircle the wrist. It moves like the body and has an adjustable chain to allow for a perfect fit, in 22k gold-plated silver.



black velvet perfume


An audacious and elegant fragrance from Ilya Parfums, Black Velvet casts a powerful love spell, with whispers of seductive leather, musks and aoud mist. Exotic frangipani and animalic ambergris create a sensual experience, bolstered with spicy notes of pink pepper and ginger.



cavier coleman original art basquiat

10. ART

Cavier Coleman’s work is constructed with high contrast, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes - revealing the influence of Pablo Picasso and Jean Michael Basquiat. Smoking Cigar is a 30 x 30 inch oil on canvas piece by this exciting New York-based artist.



crotch magazine california


Crotch is back in stock! And it’s sexier than ever. This issue features two gorgeous covers - shot this summer in California - and is a bumper 288-page issue collaboration with American photographer Ramon Christian. Immerse yourself in a sun-soaked world, celebrating the power, magnetism, and sex appeal of some of the most beautiful men on the planet.


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